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With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering outstanding results that meet our clients' unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Unlimited General Contractor | Charlotte, NC

Sonshine is a licensed & insured, unlimited general contractor located in Charlotte assisting businesses of all sizes with projects ranging from new construction to upfits.

Our Mission

You may have wondered about the significance of the spelling of Sonshine! The “Son” refers to Jesus, God’s Son. It serves to remind us of the choices we make in how we do business.

The popular slogan ”What would Jesus do?” (WWJD) is the thought behind our name, and that holds us accountable in every transaction and conversation we are involved in. Like everyone, we are tempted to do less than what would please God, and it helps to have the “Son” before our eyes.

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Our History

Our Story

Sonshine business cardsSonShine Construction Inc. (SCI) began operating in August 1983. SCI was formed between Steve Farnie, current president and Bob Fesperman. Steve and Bob had worked together on various construction projects for about eight months before deciding to form their own company. Since Steve had a degree in business and Bob was skilled with his hands, the combination seemed right to enter into business together.

Both Steve and Bob attended the same church and had shared values, especially regarding their relationship with God, and in the manner in which business was to be conducted. As part of their focus, their new company was named “Sonshine”, after the Son of God. Initially SCI began doing repair work on apartment complexes. SCI hired its first employee in 1983. After about a year of doing repair work, SCI branched out into doing “upfit” work for an office manager/owner in Charlotte, NC. As the company grew, Steve Farnie found it necessary to hire support personnel such as an accountant along with leasing office space for other administrative functions. By 1987 SCI had grown to 25 employees. In 1987 SCI developed its first office park. Soon another park was developed specifically to house a dental practice that was owned by a good friend of Steve.

Major changes started to take effect in 1992 when one of the partners, Bob Fesperman decided to relocate to Florida to pursue other business interest and enjoy the opportunities Florida offered for his hobby of deep sea diving. In 1993, The Crosland Company contract with SCI to develop a professional park at the newly launched Northcross Development in Huntersville, NC off of 1-77 and Sam Furr Rd. SCI’s success with the previous business parks helped the company win the contract. Time and experience has seen SCI evolve from an “upfitter” into a site developer and contractor. During this time, SCI’s concept was to provide the small business owner with the opportunity to buy and own an office condominium in lieu of leasing. With that concept in mind, SCI’s mission was to “Develop and Build Office Solutions for the Small Business Owner”.

This concept has proven to be successful for SCI. For the next 10 years, SCI developed and completed over 8 office parks in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Shortly after the recession, Steve decided not to develop anymore office parks and went back into the remodel and new construction work for other people and firms. He did this for a few years until deciding to retire and turn his business over to his son Matt Farnie.

Matt Farnie started in the early years of SCI learning from the different trades during his breaks from school. After graduating from Appalachian State in 2001, Matt moved up from a field laborer to a contracts manager where he managed and ran each project from start to finish. Matt left SCI in 2005 to pursue greater knowledge in the large scale construction projects. During this time, he gained large amounts of experience in the large multi-floor steel construction, large big-box retail construction, and large scale multi-family and apartment construction. In 2012, Matt returned to SCI and began re-building relationships with management companies, developers, commercial real estate agents, and individuals in need of all types of construction. His experience in retail, commercial office, multi-family, restaurant, medical and shell construction has him completing numerous jobs in both North and South Carolina.

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